Hore….I Go Home on Time Today

Today is Thursday, and I love this day

All my works are done thats why I can update my blog now. Looking at senior blog and read some postings make me intrigued to write something here. Well, I just want to share what I have been through on this happy Thursday.

After so many days, perhaps more than one week I always come home late because piled of job on my desk, finally I can finish them all. Its really hard work in advertising company which basically online 24 hours a day. I have to race with deadline every day.

OISHHHHHHHH……………………..the problem comes now!!!! huft…..

Today is Thursday, and I hate this day

I thought I can back home on time, but with great regret I will be back home late like usual, so sad 😦

Just finished second paragraph of my writing above, suddenly my business manager came to my desk and asked something to me – actually she wanted to discuses about traffic because she doesn’t have anyone to be consulted with even with her staff that’s why she came to me which is I am her ex staff but now I have my own team to help me to do all thank you projects huft….

Actually I don’t mind with that, but because I have dreamed to back home on time it makes me feel soo :(.

You know what? That was very hard discussion, need a lot of energies and need a lot of calculations oishhhh….

I think I have to change the title above. It shoud be Oishhhh….Again I Back Home Late.

Well, I just want to continue the next paragraph, but I already forgot what I wanted to write. Everything is mixup now….forgot what I wanted to write and my mood has changed from happiness to anger ….OISHHHH!!!!!


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