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High Preasure on Head

Time shows at 1:44 on my computer, it’s mean I am working now. Today is Happy Friday and tomorrow is my holiday. I am so glad that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are my time to chilling – Chilling :D.

Just finished my reading and finally my head feels so heavy. I think because to much pressure on my head. I just read some articles on Google (Google is my best friend, my teacher and my information bank now) about Facebook Ad. you know I study hard for this because its related to my own job and I am quite interested with online marketing or whatever people said.

Now, I am studying how to make my facebook Ad works (has high CTR, Low CPC, High impression, much more click, and low spent). I have tried to find article or forum discussed about Facebook Ad in Bahasa, seems there is no content providing what I want. Yeah…perhaps only a few of people who know about this especially in Indonesia. So with half-laziness I try to find on Google with international discussion means that in English Oishhh….

You know my English is not that good thats why I am quite lazy to read English article, but I have to….:(. Finally I got some interesting articles discussed Facebook Ad. I read all those articles till I didn’t use my lunch time only for my reading ( how stupid am I….). I just want to compare my Ad with other expert marketer. Does my Ad good enough? well, after reading I found some facts that they (online marketer) not even better than me because I have better CTR and low spent, so I have done my job well.

Even, I have done my job well, but I am not satisfied enough with my work. Still need to push the price. My boss tell me ” a good business is low cost and high profit” 😛 what ever boss…. I do it for my own good, I want to know more about this technique and I believe it will useful for me someday, I wish…:D


4 responses to “High Preasure on Head

  1. newmatahati July 1, 2011 at 7:36 am

    what is cilling..chilling..?

  2. lazyflowerisme July 4, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Chilling2 means fun 😀

  3. Pritania Titaz February 7, 2012 at 6:40 am

    klo celeng-celeng apa gan? hehe

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